Luton Airport emissions

Low cost airline easyJet, based at Luton Airport, has announced plans to introduce a carbon-offsetting scheme across its flight network. However, community and environmental groups are questioning whether this is a realistic scheme, or one designed simply to mislead the consumer?

An average return plane flight from London to Paris would release 244kg of CO2; a train by comparison would release 22kg of CO2 per passenger. To offset this flight you would have to plant 3,660 trees per passenger!

To allow aviation growth, the industry offers investment in environmental schemes such as the planting of trees in other countries. As a rule of thumb, we would have to currently adopt 15 trees per tonne of carbon as a conservative estimate.

easyJet also detail longer-term technology solutions such as sustainable fuel and hybrid or electric planes. The Committee on Climate change were clear in October in detailing that aviation must reduce its current levels by 25% and that novel fuels cannot be relied upon.

Many believe that the only way the consumer can reduce their carbon footprint is by reducing the number of times they fly. A gradual education This is why CAGNE aims to educate the consumer about their carbon footprint by flying, not demonise them, but allow them to make an informed decision to whether they fly or not.