Luton Airport expansion pre-app consultation closed

The permission sought by Luton Borough Council’s airport-owning company LLAL to add a further 14 million passengers to the 18 million already using the Airport will have such an impact that it must decided by the Planning Inspectorate as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.

The pre-application consultation, which gave local people a chance to make initial comments on the expansion proposals has now closed. The applicant must now show how it will modify its proposals to take account of feedback.

There will be another more detailed chance to respond to their proposals if they decide to continue with the project and submit an application for a Development Consent Order.

The proposals would mean:

  • Increasing the percentage of passengers arriving by public transport from 15% to 40%, which means 30,000 extra train passengers every day
  • Adding some 50,000 extra car journeys a day on the already crowded roads around the Airport including the A1081, the Lower Luton Road, the M1 and the A505
  • Increasing the annual number of flights from 140,000 to 220,000 by 2039 along with all the noise and carbon emissions they produce
  • Adding more aircraft stands so that the number of aircraft able to take off in the early morning and land late at night can be increased
  • Building a new Terminal on top of Wigmore Park in Luton to enable the extra passenger throughput to be handled

You can find out all the details of what is proposed by searching online for FutureLuToN LLAL