HALE OBJECTS to impact on train services and road congestion

HALE has highlighted the ways in which this huge expansion proposal will do more harm than good. Further Luton Airport expansion will mean fewer seats on already over-crowded trains and more congestion on busy roads.

We strongly oppose any additional expansion of capacity at Luton Airport on the grounds that the harms outweigh the benefits and it is not in the public interest for the following reason:

Surface transport by road and rail to and from Luton Airport is busy and often very congested, with no east/west public transport provision. An extra 30,000 passenger rail journeys a day would degrade our already inadequate rail services.

In just the last 7 years, 9 million additional passengers a year have already been added to the road and rail networks feeding Luton Airport, which equates to more than 80,000 passenger journeys a day allowing for drop-off, at busy times.

There is no east/west rail connection to Luton, and the east/west road links are country roads. The main M1 north/south link is heavily congested at busy times and gridlocks if an incident occurs. Trains are often standing room only at Harpenden and further south in the rush hour, and from London going north during the evening peak.