HALE OBJECTS to impact on climate change and the environment

HALE has highlighted the ways in which this huge expansion proposal will do more harm than good. Further Luton Airport expansion will have a very detrimental environmental impact and contribute to climate change.

We strongly oppose any additional expansion of capacity at Luton Airport on the grounds that it is not in the public interest and the harms outweigh any benefits for the following reasons:

DfT aviation demand forecasts in 2017 pegged Luton at 18 million passengers until 2050. In 2019 the Climate Change Committee wrote to government saying that airport expansion must be reduced by at least 50% in order to meet the commitment to net zero carbon emission growth by 2050.

Aviation is one of the most energy and carbon intensive forms of transport. In the UK, aviation’s share of emissions is predicted to grow from around 6% today to 25% by 2050, even if the sector is successfully capped at level of 37.5 MtCO2 (equivalent to 2005 levels) as recommended by the Committee on Climate Change.

Other non-CO2 effects due to release of high-altitude NOx and formation of contrail clouds could double the warming impact of aviation. Newer engines are only about 15% more fuel efficient.

It is not appropriate for Luton to add further capacity having just doubled it in the last 7 years.