HALE OBJECTS due to a fundamental conflict of interest

HALE has highlighted the ways in which this huge expansion proposal will do more harm than good. Further Luton Airport expansion is unlikely to be properly scrutinised because the Planning Authority makes money from it.

We strongly oppose any additional expansion of capacity at Luton Airport on the grounds that it is not in the public interest for the following reasons:

Luton Airport is owned by Luton Borough Council, its Local Planning Authority, via a private company LLAL which is governed by a board made up of officers and members of the Borough Council, but is not publicly accountable.

Robin Porter is the CEO of Luton Borough Council (which sets and has failed to enforce a breach of Luton Airport noise planning condition 10 caused by rapid growth). Robin Porter is also now the CEO of LLAL (which currently receives £55 million per year from the airport operators and benefits directly from airport growth). In 2014, LLAL set up a financial incentivisation scheme to stimulate rapid growth at Luton Airport (see p16 of the London Luton Airport Ltd 2016 annual accounts).

Even though the decision about future expansion at Luton will be taken by the Planning Inspectorate, the past history of expansion shows that Luton Borough Council has proved ineffective in dealing with the conflict of interest arising because it receives significant cash dividends from the airport but at the same time has a responsibility to protect residential amenity.

The breach of noise planning condition 10 was predicted in 2016, yet the Council has to date taken no enforcement action, and the breach has continued.