About HALE

HALE is an alliance of campaign groups all opposed to any further capacity expansion at Luton Airport:

LADACAN – Luton and District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise
www.ladacan.org or click LADACAN or email contact LADACAN

SLAE – Stop Luton Airport Expansion
www.stoplae.org/ or click SLAE

STAQS – St Albans Quieter Skies
www.staqs.uk/ or click STAQS or email STAQS

STAND – St Albans Aircraft Noise Defence
www.stand.city/ or click STAND or email STAND

SLFFL – Stop Low Flights from Luton
email SLFFL

HALE draws the line:

  • NO further degradation of quality of life in Hertfordshire
  • NO further congestion on the roads and trains
  • NO further increases in noise, pollution and emissions
  • NO further massive expansion of Luton Airport.

Since 2014 Luton Airport expansion has been an incentivised ‘dash for cash: cram in as many flights as possible to maximise revenue without delivering airspace change, quieter aircraft, or surface transport improvement.

Luton Borough Council’s airport holding company is now applying for further doubling to 32 million passengers by 2039, which would mean: 50% more road users and 30,000 more rail passengers a day, Wigmore Park becoming Terminal 2, and 80,000 extra flights a year adding to climate change and local pollution and particulates.